House rules/Vuokatticottage

General for all tenants

0. Reception of the cottage, no earlier than 16.00 on the day of arrival.

- The key will be handed in according to the separate instructions.

-The cottage has 1 parking space, additional places are billed separately

-Guests can visit from 07:00 to 22:00 (22 to 7 in the area of ​​silence), other than residents whose contact information announced in advance

-rubbish to the garbage bin of the area( toward gate of the area), remove the ash properly

1. Releasing the cottage by 12.00 on the day of departure.

NOTE: Do not touch heating radiators. Sauna and heating of cottage are not simultanously on.

Adjust the heating control, when leaving, at 15C.

Departure cleaning is done according to the accompanying instructions (the principle of leaving the cottage in the same condition as when it was received). If the cleaning is not done, then

a post-bill is sent.

Cleaning (short-term rent, less than a month):

- leave the chimney dampers upstairs closed.

-thermostat to 15 ° C.

- Remove from the fireplace the ashes if you used it.

- Dispose of bins in an outboard waste container, put a new plastic bag into the trash.

- clean the dishes you used and place them in the cupboards in the places you found them

-Wipe the micro, plates and fridge with a wet rag.

-take carpets outdoors

- hoover, remove all debris into the trash bin

-replace the carpets on their places

-and otherwise leave the place (ie the furniture in the same place) as you found it

If you want us to make the final cleaning it costs 50 €. If you have not done the final cleaning we will send an invoice of 100 €.

The cottage is deemed to be released when the customer's own goods have been removed, the key left on the fireplace and the outside door of the house closed (locked, latch in the upper position).

If we give other instructions to the above instructions, these separate instructions override the corresponding paragraphs in the above


2. Smoking is forbidden in all cottages, as well as the intake of animals (except for a different agreement). The breach of the instruction will result in the reimbursement of the costs incurred, such as thorough cleaning and ventilation to the original condition.

Tobacco sumps are to be delivered to garbage, therefore not thrown to the ground.

3. Kl 22.00-07.00

-will in particular beware of causing any kind of disturbance in the area,

which may interfere with other guests in the area.

3B You will be liable for any damage to your cottage and its furniture during your stay (please point out the defects you have noticed so you will not be charged at the end of your rental period

-cottage may not be used by others than what has been agreed upon when booking an cottage.

- The costs incurred for the lost key are billed as well as a separate door opening to the cottage. The -names and contact details of all residents must be announced in advance.

4. The Agreement shall cease immediately if:

- one of the occupiers behaves disruptively in an cottage or area (eg is intoxicated in the area),

- someone from the party makes damage to the cottage or area

- if the rent for the cottage is late or not fully paid

If the contract expires due to any of the above reasons, the whole party must

immediately leave the cottage and have no right to receive any part of the payment

of the rent.

5. Cancellation of a confirmed (= paid) reservation

If the reservation is canceled later than 21 days before the start of the holiday, the full price of the holiday will be charged. However, if the holiday object is marketed to another customer for which the corresponding amount is collected, it is withheld as a cancellation fee

20% of the fee.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, you are entitled to a refund of the amount you paid, except for the cancellation fees (20% of the fee) if the customer or a person living in the same household with him or her is seriously ill, falls into the accident or dies. The cancellation must be notified

without delay and the matter must be proven in a reliable manner, eg by a medical certificate.

If cancellation is made later than 48 hours before the start of the reservation period or during the booking period, the customer's payment will not be refunded.

In case of FORCE MAJEURE: Paid money returned in full

6. Other

- if the cottage is found to be billed for someone other than the one stated on the booking

 rent double. (this is monitored)

-Other billing for all additional services such as opening the door, reminding the bill for payment, and the like failure of the customer

-If something breaks or is lost the customer is charged it

-If you have any questions, please ask.