Vuokatticottage Feedback form
Vuokatticottage feedback form
Feedback Form

Dear Sirs,

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming you to Vuokatticottage . We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for choosing Vuokatticottage and we hope that everything was to your satisfaction.

In order for us to understand our customer needs, and to help us improve our quality of service and organisation, we would be extremely grateful if you could complete the following questions.

Thank you!

Rating of the booking procedure and other functionality:
Prompt and clear answer, information taken without interuption, date and time confirmed back to the guests
Rating of the location of Vuokatticottage :
Rating of sleep quality :
Rating of functionality of media:free tv and free wifi :
Rating of the cleanliness :
Rating of diverse items such as free parking,indoor air quality,equipment(microvawe etc)
Rating of electric sauna
Overall rating?
How did you hear about Vuokatticottage?
Thank You !