Living in a log cabin

The cozy log cabin with wood fountains is a safe and homely solution

housing. In addition, the log has a construction material

benefits. Belly breathe, the log is healthy, durable

and ecological choice. The log is beautiful and passes

building material.

DENOMINATED Unlike other building materials, the log breathes.

The lip is a breathable material

excellent for creating good indoor air. The log home has

very good indoor air. The insulating strength of the core is

excellent and it smooths the interior pleasantly

heat and moisture. Moisture binds moisture

return it back to the indoor air evenly

times. Without changing, unobtrusively, remain moisture

amounts of carbon dioxide appropriate. The hoe also equates

home temperature variations. That's how the log structure is

heat-rich material. In summer

in a log home there is a good night's sleep and in winter again

warm - just as you like. Autumn and spring

At that time the log also supplies energy from the sun's light.

HEALTH The basis for human well-being is healthy

residential destination. It can be said that

is a health-promoting product. The log home breathes well

the log storage capacity is excellent. From here

so the indoor air quality is kept clean

healthy breathing, which also makes it easier

Allergy quality of life. In addition to wood no

static electricity, so dust does not remain

to turn into indoor air. Also this

a feature especially for allergists can appreciate.

also works as a cleaner. Here

the need is reduced and breathing is warmer. breathable

house structures prevent moisture damage

disadvantages. No harmful substances are released from the wood.

Living in a log home is healthy and comfortable.

SUSTAINABILITY The log structure is strong, natural and ecologically durable

a choice that does not cut off the resident's contact with nature but

the. That is why it has maintained its position for thousands of years.

Log houses are well-made and

hundreds of years. In Finland log building has solid traditions

In Finland, there are log homes in Finland that are

built in the early 20th century. The log home structure can withstand

and immutability are the best and why

maintains its value. Construction is a log for building

besides natural stone, the only 100% natural material.

BEAUTIFUL Hirsi is a piece of the most authentic Finnish landscape. It's permanent

kansanperinnettämme. The beauty of her hair is rooted

minds. The log is organic, timelessly stylish,

high quality and beautiful construction material that brings

warm shades of wood. Living

brings with it personality, comfort, and comfort

warmth.At the wall of the log

appearance will also be raised.

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